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Vote Party

Make Love Not Fire and vote for your favorite firefighter!

Every dollar equals one vote -- all proceeds benefit the Burn Foundation.

About Us

A bit about us

The Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide assistance to burn victims and their families, assist in catastrophic events as a resource to the community, and educate the community on fire life safety.


The foundation consists of volunteer firefighters from Clark County Fire Department, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, North Las Vegas Fire Department, Nellis Fire Department, Nevada National Security Site Fire Rescue, and Henderson Fire Department.


For more information on the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation, visit

One Dollar = One Vote

Vote for your favorite


Each firefighter volunteers their time to support local burn survivors in Southern Nevada. 


Vote by choosing your favorite first responder and remember each dollar contributed equals one vote. 


1. Isaiah Petty

Nellis, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I really enjoy anime and Spanish food.

2. Drew Stocker

North Las Vegas, Firefighter/Paramedic

Fun Fact: I've danced with the Chippendales.

3. Branden Behrens

Clark County, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: Autumn is my favorite season. There's amazing colors along with the perfect temperature outside.

4. Jadan Wilson

Nellis, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I've been scuba diving at the

island of Lanai.

5. Tommy Zimmerman

North Las Vegas, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I'm one of  four brothers that work in the fire department.

6. Eric DeLuna

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I'm bilingual - I also speak Spanish.

Quotation mark

Giving back is part of what we do in the fire service. It is great to give back to those families and kids that need help during difficult times.  

Cody Milner

Quotation mark

This is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community and especially those affected by fires.

Jadan Wilson

Quotation mark

My reason for joining the Burn Foundation's bachelor auction is simply because I believe in the cause.

Ethan Olson

Why am I volunteering

Our Why

We help families after the fire is out.

The Burn Foundation provides immediate and long-term help for those affected by fire. Your vote directly impacts local families every year.


Answering your questions

Q. How does the vote party work?

Every dollar donated towards your favorite bachelor equals one vote. For example, if you donate $10, that equals ten votes towards your favorite bachelor.

Q. When does the voting end?

The deadline to vote is Thursday, June 17th, 2021, at 11:59 PM, so hurry up! Your vote will help change someone's life for the better.

Q. Who benefits from this fundraiser?

This fundraiser funds the Burn Foundation's Burn Survivor Initiative program, which aids anyone affected by a catastrophic event and assists burn-injured children and adults. The program also provides an all-expenses-paid trip for burn-injured children to attend annual Burn Camps.

Q. When is the firefighter auction?

The Underground Repeal Firefighter Auction is on July 16 from 7 PM - 10 PM inside the Space LV. Be the first to know when tickets go on sale by filling out the form below to reserve your seat.

7. Lindsay Mehlhaff

Clark County, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: My cinnamon rolls are the BEST - I call them Haff rolls.

8. Cody Milner

Nevada National Security Site, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I used to work on a ranch.

9. Sawyer Epstein

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, Firefighter 

Fun Fact:  I cook an amazing chicken pesto pasta.

10. Carl Lambert

Creech, Lieutenant

Fun Fact: One of my favorite things to do

is play disc golf. 

11. Ethan Olson

Nellis, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I'm adopted!

12. Caleb Norcia

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I was born in the land of the lobsters - Maine.

13. Andrew Molitor

Clark County, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I love water sports, especially in Hawaii.

14. Amanda Snider

Clark County, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I was once bit in the face by a shark.

15. Joey Bako

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I can quote every word to almost any movie ever made. 

16. Shamarlo Tinch

Clark County, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I have eaten 4 pizza pies by myself.

17. Mike Levine

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I was once accidentally in my high school's theater production of Legally Blonde the Musical for two weeks.

18. Brandon Steiner

North Las Vegas, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I go on regular trips to Mexico and provide medical care to the refugees at the border.

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19. Alan Rodriguez

Clark County, Firefighter 

Fun Fact: I was born in Mexico and moved here as a baby.

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